Sourdough Bagettes

Welcome to Zeffiro Pizzeria Napoletana and to the Popular Artisan Bread Bakery. Our goal is to produce real Neopolitan style pizza Рto make fresh homemade pasta Рto bake fresh crusty European breads Рto bring a little bit of Naples, Italy to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Pizza is a word known all over the world from New York City to Los Angeles, from Paris to Tokyo. As a flatbread with toppings’ “pizza” has been around since ancient Greek and Etruscan times. Modern day pizza traces its roots to Naples, Italy where tomato & cheese found their way onto the flatbread that had previously been dressed with simple herbs, olive oil & salt. Today, “pizza” has become a word used to describe many products; deep-dish, cracker thin, stuffed crust, etc. However, the historical meaning for the word “pizza” is the style that originated in Naples referred to as “Neopolitan”. ¬†Our goal is to produce real Neopolitan style pizza, as has been the case for hundreds of years good pizza requires great attention to the dough, a proper oven, and the use of simple high quality ingredients.